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 Twenty-Four Rare, Complete Vintage/Antique Book Scans


Hints, Tips & How-To's, plus much valuable inside info. In fact everything the aquarist and pond keeper needs to know or has ever wished to learn is revealed by experts.

All combined in one bargain Digital Download in
Adobe Reader format suitable for all systems.

 Hundreds of insights on many different aquarium topics, with hosts of hints and tips - combined together in a unique and convenient rare book scanned collection. Order below!

  Many hours of fascinating reading from books published on both sides of the Atlantic but useful to both hemispheres and now offered at an affordable price! This wonderful set of useful and rare books includes the following titles (each can be read individually)...

1.     ?/font>A Handbook To The Marine Aquarium 1855.?/font>  “Containing practical instructions for constructing, stocking and maintaining a tank and for collecting plants and animals.?67 pages, illustrated.

  2.  “Fish Culture 1863.?/span> “A practical guide to the
         modern system of breeding and rearing fish. 296 pages.
  3.   ?/font>Fresh Water Algae 1954.?/font> “An illustrated key
          for identifying the more common freshwater algae to
          genus, with hundreds of species named and pictured
          and with numerous aids for their study.?223 pages,

  4.  ?/font>Fresh Water Aquaria 1890.?/font> “Their
         construction, arrangement, and management with full
         information as to the best water plants and live stock to
         be kept, how and where to obtain them and how to
         keep them in health.?349 pages, illustrated.

  5.  ?/font>Goldfish Varieties and Tropical Aquarium
       Fishes 1917
?/font> 262 pages, illustrated.

  6.  ?/font>Guide To Higher Aquarium Animals
?/font> 119 pages, illustrated.

  7.  ?/font>Insect Life In Pond And Stream.?/font> 96 pages,

  8.  ?/font>Japanese Goldfish 1909.?/font>  Their varieties and
         cultivation. “A practical guide to the Japanese methods
         of goldfish culture for amateurs and professionals.?136
         pages, illustrated.

  9.  ?/b>A Manual Of Aquarium Plants.?/b> 123 pages,

  10. ?/font>Obis Pond Guide.?/font> “A guide for identifying
           organisms found in and around the pond and other
           freshwater sites.? 28 pages, illustrated.

  11. ?/font>Ponds, Pond Fish & Pond Fish Culture
?/font> 223 pages, illustrated.

  12. ?/font>Popular History Of The Aquarium 1857.?br>          Marine and Fresh-Water Animals and Plants. 400
           pages, illustrated.

  13. ?/font>River Gardens.?/font> “An account of the best methods
           of cultivating fresh water plants in aquaria.?130 pages,

  14. ?/font>The Aquarium 1856.?/font> “An unveiling of the
            wonders of the deep sea.?361 pages, illustrated.

  15. ?/font>The Aquarium 1910 Its Inhabitants,
         Structure and Management.
?/font> 338 pages,

  16. ?/font>The Aquavivarium, Fresh And Marine
?/font> “An account of the principals and objects
           involved in the domestic culture of water plants and
           animals.?95 pages, illustrated.

  17. ?/font>The Book Of The Aquarium and Water
        Cabinet 1856.
?/font> “Or practical instructions on the
          formation, stocking and management in all seasons of
          collections of fresh water and marine life.?191 pages,

  18. ?/font>The Book Of Water Gardening 1905.?br>         223 pages, illustrated.

  19. "The Care of Home Aquaria 1914.?br>         68 pages, illustrated.

  20. ?/font>The Complete Aquarium Book 1936.?/b>
 The care and breeding of goldfish and tropical fishes.
          336 pages, illustrated.

  21. ?/font>The Goldfish & Its Culture 1883.?br>         “Systematic culture with a view to profit. A practical
          treatise on the fish, its propagation, enemies, diseases
          and care of the fish in captivity together with hints on the
          construction of ponds.? 135 pages, illustrated.

  22. ?/font>The Water Garden 1897.?/font> 156 pages.

  23. ?/font>Water Lilies 1907.?/font> With chapters on the proper
          making of ponds and the use of accessory plants. 282
          pages, illustrated.

  24. ?/font>Water Plants 1920.?/font> A study of aquatic
          angiosperms. 460 pages, illustrated.

Note to buyers. Although the underlying book material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous or damaged material has also been carried out personally, making this book set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials plus various associated overheads & fees.

 It consists of both private and publicly available material including several ex libris volumes. It is now presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems.  This allows for all the really essential illustrations and photos to be shown as opposed to the text only versions normally available.  The Adobe reader itself is completely free to download from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed anyway as a standard utility on most computers.


Overall, a great collection at a low price that isn't going to break anyone, so go right ahead and simply Treat Yourself!


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