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 Thirty-Two Rare, Complete Vintage Book Scans


Hints, tips and instruction on both the well documented plus the forgotten techniques - in fact everything you need to know (and more) is fully revealed by the old time astrologers and fortune telling seers!

All combined together in one bargain digital download in convenient Adobe Reader format suitable for all computer systems.

 Hundreds of fascinating insights on several different fortune-telling techniques - with a particular emphasis on Astrology - now combined together in a unique and convenient rare book scanned collection. Not just e-books but scans of complete and rare antique and collectible volumes on the subject!

   Many hours of fascinating reading now offered at a truly affordable price! This wonderful set of 32 highly useful books includes the following volumes?/font>

1.     Astrology In Medicine. The Fitzpatrick lectures delivered before the Royal College of Physicians, with addendum on saints and signs. Illustrated, 114-pages, c1914.

  2.  Astrology Its Technics And Ethics. Translated from the Dutch, Illustrated, 279-pages, c1917.

  3.  Astrology Your Place Among The Stars. ‘With 100 horoscopes of famous people.?547-pages, c1930.

  4.  A System Of Phrenology. Illustrated, 691-pages, c1851.

  5.  Card Fortune Telling.  ‘A lucid treatise dealing with all the popular and more abstruse methods.?Illustrated, 166-pages.

  6.  Celestial Science of Astrology. ‘Or the art of foretelling future events and contingencies by the aspects, positions, and influences of the heavenly bodies founded on natural philosophy, scripture, reason and the mathematics.? Illustrated, 1,190-pages, c1826.

  7.  Chance And Luck. ‘A discussion of the laws of luck, coincidences, wagers, lotteries and the fallacies of gambling; with notes on poker and martingales.?307-pages, c1891.

  8.  A Manual of Cheirosophy. ‘Being a complete practical handbook of the twin sciences of cheirognomy and cheiromancy by means whereof the past, present and future may be read in the formation of the hands.?Illustrated, 324-pages, c1885.

  9.  Clairvoyance. 168-pages, c1918.

  10. Crystal Gazing. ‘Its history and practice, with a discussion of the evidence for telepathic scrying.?210-pages, c1905.

  11. Everybodys Astrology. 52-pages, c1922.

  12. Guide To Astrology. ?font color="#CCCCFF">Containing a complete system of genethliacal astrology. 133-pages, c1905.

  13. The Hindu Book Of Astrology. ‘Or yogic knowledge of the stars and planetary forces and how to control them to our advantage.? 112-pages, c1901.

  14. How To Know People By Their Hands. Illustrated, 159-pages, c1938.

  15. Indian Palmistry. Illustrated, 70-pages, c1895.

  16. Magicians And Astrologers of Nineveh and Babylon. ‘The original texts in cuneiform characters edited with translations, notes, vocabulary, index and an introduction.?254-pages, c1900.

  17. Manual Of Phrenology. ‘Being an analytical summary of the system of Doctor Gall on the faculties of man and the functions of the brain.?270-pages, c1835.

  18. Of The Laws of Chance. ‘Or a method of calculation of the hazards of game plainly demonstrated and applied to games at present most in use, which may be easily extended to the most intricate cases of chance imaginable.? 118-pages, c1700s.

  19. Philosophical Principles of Phrenology..232-pages, c1800’s.

  20. Phrenology Vol.1. ‘Or the doctrine of the mental phenomena.? Illustrated, 379-pages, c1834.

  21. Phrenology Vol.2. 224-pages, c1834.

  22. Prophetical, Educational and Playing Cards. 428-pages, c1912.

  23. Self Instructor in Phrenology And Physiology. Illustrated, 186-pages, c1859.

  24. Simplified Scientific Astrology. ‘A complete textbook on the art of erecting a horoscope, with philosophic encyclopedia and tables of planetary hours.?Illustrated, 216-pages, c1919.

  25. Spherical Basis of Astrology. ‘A comprehensive table of houses; with rational views and suggestions, explanation and instructions, correction of wrong methods and auxiliary tables.?/span>

  26. Secret Of Successful Use of the Ouija Board. 23 pages, c1920s.

  27. Telling Fortunes By Cards. ‘A symposium of the several ancient and modern methods as practiced by arab seers and sibyls and the romany gypsies with plain examples and simple instructions to enable anyone to acquire the art with ease.?174-pages, c1914.

  28. The I Ching. ‘The sacred books of the East translated by various oriental scholars.?493-pages, c1899.

  29. The Message of the Stars. ‘An esoteric exposition of medical and natal astrology, explaining the arts of prediction and diagnosis of disease.?705-pages, c1918.

  30. Were You Born Under A Lucky Star? ‘A complete exposition of the science of astrology, adapted from the four books of Ptolemy.?222-pages, c1901.

  31. Planchette The Despair of Science. 426-pages, c1869.

  32. Graphology. ‘How to read character from handwriting.? Illustrated, 340-pages, c1919.

 Note to buyers. Although the underlying book material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous or damaged material has also been carried out personally, making this book set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials plus overheads.

 It is now presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the really essential illustrations to be shown as opposed to the text only versions often available. The Adobe reader itself is completely free to download from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed as standard on most computers.

Overall, a great collection at a low price that isn't going to break anyone - so Treat Yourself!

Price Only ?.50 (Download - See Below).


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