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Traditional Songs, Melodies & Folk Music - Both the Well-Known plus
also the Not-So-Well-Known

 The forty+ rare vintage books and sheet music in the collection have all been scanned and converted to Adobe format for easy reading on your computer screen.
All can be printed out as desired...

   This bargain set of nostalgic works includes the following titles…

     Ancient Irish Music 1873. “Comprising one hundred airs hitherto unpublished, many of the
old popular songs and several new songs.” 131 pages.

       Ancient Music of Ireland from the Petrie Collection 1877. "arranged for the
         pianoforte" 152 pages.

       Annals of the Irish Harpers 1911. Text 354 pages.

       Broadsheet Ballads Being a Collection of Irish Popular Songs.
         Lyrics for Love Songs, Miscellaneous Ballads and Political Songs, 98 pages.

       Crosbys Irish Musical Repository. Music & Lyrics, 317 pages.

       Distinctive Characteristics of Ancient Irish Melody 1897.
Text with musical notations, 40 pages.

       Excerpts and Solos for Irish Harp. 36 pages.

       General Collection of Ancient Irish Music.
Music Sheets 50 pages,

        Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards 1786.
Including the music and musical instruments of Ireland, 325 pages.

        Irish Airs Arranged for the Harp. Music Sheet.

        Irish Come-All-Yes Repository of Ancient Irish Songs and Ballads 1901.
          "A repository of ancient Irish songs and ballads,"
176 pages.

        Irish Fireside Songs 1911. Lyrics, 168 pages.

        Irish Love Songs 1892. Lyrics,124 pages.

        Irish Melodies 1821. Lyrics, 292 pages.

        Irish Melodies and Sacred Songs 1869. Lyrics, 220 pages.

        Irish Melodies Arranged for the Harp Book 1. Music Sheet.

        Irish Melodies Arranged for the Harp Book 3. Music Sheet.

        Irish Minstrelsy Selection of Irish Songs Lyrics and Ballads 1888.
"Being a selection of Irish songs, lyrics and ballads" 549 pages.

        Irish Popular Songs 1883. Lyrics in English and Gaelic.

        Irish Sketches for the Pianoforte. Music Sheets.

        Irish Songs and Ballads 1880. Lyrics 289-pages.

        Mammoth Hibernian Songster Collection 1901.
"A collection of over 500 songs dear to the Irish heart" 230-pages.

       Melodies of Ireland Collection 1885.
Bound Sheet Music 126-pages.

       Moores Irish Melodies 1882. Bound Sheet Music 270-pages.

       Songs and Ballads by Most Gifted Poets of Emerald Isle 1880.
Text and Lyrics 202-pages.

       Songs of Irish Revolution and Newer Ireland 1920. Lyrics 83-pages.

       Songs of Irish Wit and Humour 1884. Lyrics 334-pages.

       Songs of the Dawn and Irish Ditties 1913. Lyrics 109-pages.

       The Emerald or Book of Irish Melodies 1863. "Sentimental, comic, convivial,
         political and patriotic songs of Erinia," Lyrics 170

       The Favorite Irish Patriotic Songster 1873. Lyrics 68-pages.

       The Favorite Irish Sunburst Songster 1873. Lyrics 68-pages.

       The Golden Treasury of Irish Songs and Lyrics.
Lyrics 527-pages.

       The Golden Treasury of Irish Songs and Lyrics
       Vol.2 1907.
Lyrics 645-pages.

       The Minstrel Boy Irish Harp Solo. Music Sheet.

       The Minstrelsy of Ireland - 200 Irish Songs 1897.
Music & Lyrics 374-pages.

       The National Music of Ireland 1850. Historical text with
         music notations, 308 pages.

       The Popular Songs of Ireland 1889. Lyrics and text 367-pages.

       The Shamrock a Collection of Irish Songs. Lyrics, 291 pages.

       The Universal Irish Song Book 1884. Lyrics, 527-pages.

       Irish Songs and Ballads 1880. Lyrics 289-pages.

         Plus two additional free bonus Irish music sheets.

 Note to buyers. Although the underlying material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous material has also been carried out personally on all, making this book set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials plus various associated overheads. It is now presented here in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the really essential illustrations to be shown, as opposed to the text only versions available.  It consists of both private and publicly available material including a number of ex libris volumes.

The Adobe Reader itself is free to download from the Adobe web site,
although it usually comes pre-installed as standard on most computers


 DOWNLOADS  are in the usual 'zipped' (compressed) form requiring unzipping upon receipt - a utility for this is usually already installed on most computers and simply requires double clicking on the file to select the unzip command, otherwise it's readily obtainable free on the internet. You will be quickly sent a secure Link for downloading the collection within just hours of your purchase, depending on your time zone. Try it - it's quick, reliable and convenient!

Price Only £4.50 Download (Details Above)

Please note that a number of the old books scanned will naturally show signs of age, such as an occasional watermark or
browning/fading and although readable with minor adjustments to the options provided with the software they may not be
in as pristine a condition as may be expected from newer volumes. Therefore allowances should be made accordingly.

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