Twenty-Seven Complete Vintage Book Scans on one Disc!


Hints, Tips & How-To's, plus much valuable inside info. In fact everything the plumber needs to know or has ever wished to learn is fully revealed by the experts, including how to correctly cost a job.

All books fully scanned and combined on disc in  Adobe Reader format (suitable for all systems). 
 Each book can be read individually at your leisure.

 Hundreds of fascinating insights on many different plumbing topics, with hosts of hints and tips - combined together in a unique and convenient rare book collection on disc!

  Many hours of fascinating reading from books published on both sides of the Atlantic but useful to both hemispheres and now offered at a truly affordable price! This wonderful set of highly useful books includes the following titles…

1.     Country Plumbing Practice c1914  “Design, installation and repair of systems of water supply and sewage disposal for country and suburban buildings. Typical installations of plumbing work in new and old houses.” 325 pages, illustrated.

  2.  “Cyclopedia of Heating, Plumbing and Sanitation Vol.1” “A complete reference
         work on plumbing, gas fitting, sewers and drains, heating and ventilating, steam fitting, chemistry,
         bacteriology and sanitation, hydraulics, water supply, electric wiring, mechanical drawing, sheet
         metal working etc.” 437 pages, illustrated.

  3.   “Cyclopedia of Heating, Plumbing and Sanitation Vol.2.” 438 pages,

  4.  “Cyclopedia of Heating, Plumbing and Sanitation
406 pages, illustrated.

  5.  “Domestic Sanitary Engineering and Plumbing 1909”
         “Dealing with domestic water supplies, pump and hydraulic ram
          work, hydaulics, sanitary work, heating by low pressure, hot water
          and external plumbing work.” 496 pages, illustrated.

  6.  Elements of Plumbing 1917. 184 pages, illustrated.

  7.  House Drainage and Sanitary Plumbing 1882. 232 pages, illustrated.

  8.  Improved Plumbing Appliances 1887. 142 pages, illustrated.

  9.  McAvity & Sons Plumbing & Heating Catalogue. Interesting and
         comprehensive illustrated catalogue from the turn of the previous century. Richly illustrated, 414

  10. “Mechanical Drawing For Plumbers 1910.” 136 pages, illustrated.

  11. Modern Plumbing Illustrated 1915. “A
          comprehensive and thoroughly practical work on the modern and
          most approved methods of plumbing construction. The standard
          work for plumbers, architects, builders, property owners, boards
          of health and plumbing examiners and for trade classes in
          plumbing.” 452 pages, illustrated.

  12. Plumbing Practice 1888. 383 pages, illustrated.

  13. Plumbing Estimates & Contracts 1910. 226 pages,
          illustrated with comprehensive tables.

  14. “Plumbing & Household Sanitation 1911.” A series of lectures, including history
          729 pages, illustrated.

  15. Plumbing Plans & Specifications 1910. 293 pages, illustrated.

  16. Plumbing & House Drainage Problems 1889. 275 pages, illustrated.

  17. Plumbing. “A working manual of American plumbing practice,
          including approved fixtures, piping systems, house drainage and
          modern methods of sanitation.” 240 pages, illustrated.

  18. Practical Up To Date Plumbing. 334 pages, illustrated.

  19. "Principals & Practice of Plumbing 1891. 343 pages,

  20. Questions & Answers, Practice & Theory of Sanitary Plumbing. 1906
 161 pages.

  21. The Right Way to Figure Plumbing 1915. 65 pages, with tables.

  22. Wm. Robertson 1885 illustrated catalogue and price list of pumps, sinks, cast-iron pipes
          etc. 71 illustrated pages.

  23. Sanitary Drainage of Buildings 1890. With memoranda on the cost of plumbing
          work. 228 pages.

  24. Sanitary Fittings and Plumbing 1901. 294 pages,

  25. “Sanitary House Drainage 1896. 245 pages, illustrated.

  26. “Standard Practical Plumbing Vol.1 1889. “A complete
          encyclopaedia for practical plumbers.” 363 pages, richly illustrated.

  27. “Standard Practical Plumbing 1910. “An exhaustive treatise
          on all branches of plumbing construction including drainage and venting,
    ventilation, hot and cold water supply and circulation.” 410 pages, illustrated.

Note to buyers. Although the underlying book material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous or damaged material has also been carried out personally, making this book set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials such as the disk and label plus various associated overheads & fees. It consists of both private and publicly available material including ex libris volumes.

 It is now presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the really essential illustrations and photos to be shown as opposed to the text only versions normally available.

 The Adobe reader itself is completely free to download from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed anyway as a standard utility on most computers.

* NO resale or distribution rights are included with this purchase unless made as part of a special Collectaprint Wholesale Package with associated retailing rights. This unique collection on DVD data disc may not otherwise be copied, distributed or resold commercially.

Overall, a great collection at a low price that isn't going to break anyone, so go right ahead and simply Treat Yourself!

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NOTE: Although the material included is very useful (particularly so for old buildings) note that health and safety regulations have changed over the years, particularly with regard to use of lead pipes.

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