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  Care of Potted Flowering Plants 1980
2.  Bulbs And Their Cultivation 1913.
3.  Cactus Culture For Amateurs 1913.
4.  Control of Insects on House Plants - Pamphlet 1936.

5.  Cultivated Plants Their Propagation and Improvement 1877.
6.  Cultivation of Roses in Pots 1908.
7.  Domestic Floriculture 1874.
8.  Gardening Indoors and Under Glass 1912
9.  History and Method of Growing Plants in Paper Bands and Pots 1922.
 House Plants 1937.
 Home Floriculture 1916.
12. House Plants and How To Grow Them 1914.
 House Plants and How to Succeed With Them 1897.
 House Plants and Their Care 1887
 House Plants Care and Culture 1916.
16. Indoor Gardening 1910.
17. Indoor Gardening - Dept Agriculture 1978.
18. Indoor Gardening for Every Week in the Year 1860.
19. Indoor Plants and How to Grow Them 1861.
20. Milady's House Plants 1917.
21. Ornamental Cacti Their Culture and Decorative Value 1912.
 Quality of Potting Soils - Technical 1983.
23. Spring Flowering Bulbs Roses & House Plants Catalogue.
 The Amateur Greenhouse and Conservatory 1873.
 The Art of Propagation 1876.
 The Culture of Pot Plants 1922.
27. The New Practical Window Gardener 1877.
 The Parlor Gardener 1884.
 The Parlour Gardener 1863.
30. The Window Gardener 1876
Window and Indoor Gardening 1910.
32. Window and Parlor Gardening 1895.
33. Window Gardening - Williams 1884.
34. Winter Greeneries at Home 1878......
PLUS 10 More Similar Subject
Books Bringing the Total to 44!


 Note to buyers. Although the underlying book material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous or damaged material has also been carried out personally, making this book set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials plus various associated overheads & fees. It is now presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the really essential illustrations and photos to be shown as opposed to the text only versions often made available. Adobe Reader is free to download from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed.


 DOWNLOADS  are in the usual 'zipped' (compressed) form requiring unzipping upon receipt - a utility for this is usually already installed on most computers and simply requires double clicking on the file to select the unzip command, otherwise it's readily obtainable free on the internet. You will be quickly sent a secure Link for downloading the collection within just hours of your purchase, depending on your time zone. Try it - it's quick, reliable and convenient!

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* Please note that a number of rare old books scanned will naturally show signs of age, such as an occasional watermark or browning/fading and although readable with minor adjustments to the options provided with the software they may not be in as pristine a condition as can be expected from newer volumes. Also a little margin loss to a few scans affects text on some of the more valuable, fragile or rare books. Allowances should be made accordingly.


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